My name is Lise Vitoux, I'm a French designer based in Berlin 
and I support start-ups and leading brands to Design soft goods and luggage, 
from concept to production, 
with a Circular Design approach.

With an industrial designer background, I built my professional experience in the soft goods, bags and travel products industry for more than 10 years at Horizn Studios in Berlin, M.R.K.T., l’Oréal Luxe and Décathlon in Shanghai, before proposing my design expertise as a freelancer. I aquired a deep understanding of the textile and overall production understanding, from conceptualisation to product launch, and I got a Eco-Design certification from the French Government training center Afnor to help you finding meaningful solutions towards a more eco-responsible design and production. Hands-on, I can also make prototypes in my workshop to quickly put ideas into shape.
My international experience (China for 9 years and Germany for 6 years), enables me to manage cross-cultural understanding and integrate multi-cultural teams.
You can find my complete Resume on my LinkedIn page.

You’re welcome to contact me for further discussion on how we could collaborate together !
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