Ekster Product range
EKSTER - 2022 - freelance
Design and development of a range of 3 bags made of recycled materials.
Ekster is a young start-up making smart wallets and daily accessories, as they wanted to further develop the brand, I've helped them as an external consultant to design and develop a backpack, a camera cube and a tech organiser, working together as modules. 
Tasks :
- Project management with other Ekster team members and 3 manufacturers
- Design and conception
- Technical drawings
- Basic moke-ups
- Sourcing of material and manufacturers
- Communication and follow-up with manufacturers
- Prototype development
- Cost of Goods optimisation
- User testing and analysis
Circular Design approach :
- bags made from recycled PET and recycled Nylon
- packaging optimization (less packaging and weight for transportation) and material sourcing : recycled PE.
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