la rose de Shanghai
Story : 
As I lived in China (for more than 8 years), I wanted to propose a brand that would enhance local craftmaship, so I created, made and developed a range of garments and accessories integrating fabrics from Chinese minorities into contemporary designs.
Collection 1 : Shanghai Lady
Traditionally used for wedding, the first collection used printed cotton from North-East of China, hidden as colorufl details in black contemporary reinterpretation of local garments. The prints include the pattern of the peony, Chinese National flower, which symbolises richness and prosperity, and the pheonix which is the symbol of the empress, feminity, immortality and peace.
Collection 2 : Blue Harvest
Coming from Yunnan province, the indigo cotton is made with the batik method, known in China since 2000 years. On white cotton, the patterns are drawn or stamped by hand with wax. This hand-made fabric is highlighting indigo and white linen summer clothing pieces.
I got the opportunity to present my work during a fashion show at the Shanghai Design Art and Fashion Fair in 2013. This event has been a great tool to promote the brand and get private orders for made-to-measure pieces.
Collection 3 : Urban Fizz
For this collection, I designed my own patterns, inspired by the Art Deco architecture in Shanghai. I tried several printing technics, such as batik, stamping and painting. In order to get them on a bigger surface, I did a workshop with the silkprint studio IDLE BEATS in Shanghai. I tried different colors and textile surfaces to find the optimum result for the collection.
For the garments, I worked on the opposition of geometrical cuts with soft and curved pleats. I decided to use complementary flashy colors fabrics, like neon lights in contrast with soft dark grey cotton jersey.
Today : 
You can find the unique pieces samples for sale at my co-working studio in Berlin : Krossener Str. 34, 10245 Berlin

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