An upcycling Project :
As the world is getting aware, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the entire planet’s pollution and 20% of water pollution.The problem is that a large part of this waste is made up of clothes that have already been used. And if some can be resold second-hand, it represents only a small part (18% in the EU), which must still be in good condition and "cool" to wear. Most of it consists of "ugly" and damaged clothes(more than 80%). It also represents a huge amount of work to recut and resize existing clothes.
After testing out upcycling old garment to reconstitute an adult jacket, I realized it is very time-consuming to unstitch the old clothes, difficult to find the right pattern to assemble them back together, and it must be made of several different pieces of clothing, resulting in a final "patchwork" product, that might not be attractive to a lot of consumers.
This is why the idea of ​​Tangram would be to create and manufacture children's clothes from adult clothes: easier to cut whole pieces in and less patchwork effect. The unused rest can be used to make fabric stuffed animals, and what is really no longer reusable in filling for these stuffed animals! Zero Waste production!
Standardisation can be made around few key pieces of garments, and special collections organized around lots of found clothing, for example folks patterns, or velvet, or blue jeans, and the garments and gradation is designed and adjusted based on the recovered pieces.
As an example, this fun, unisex and multiseasonal overalls has been cut into an old Thai fisherman’s pants, and designed in a way that the shoulder straps and the trousers' length can be adjusted to fit to the kid’s growing size, and thus be used for several seasons and years.
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